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p.h. fred I can't stop loving you

P.H. Fred

P.H. Fred is currently in the studio with Grammy award winning engineer & producer Jack Miele. The project "On the Radio" is a massive 25+ track double disc combining originals, classics, and obscure covers. The first single "I Can't Stop Loving You" hits the street in March. Expect the full deluxe package in time for the 2016 holiday season. Anyone want vinyl?


tu3 music


The band will promote their first full length CD this spring as well as work on a music video for "Please Don't Tell Me."


round pegs you are unique in all the world

Mister Fred's Round Pegs & Bass Peeps

After the success of last year's "Best of," the band follows up with this year's "Rest of" featuring deep cuts, rarities, solo tracks, and side projects. Also check out the band's new iHeart radio channel.


round peg band

Bootlegs &
Deep cuts

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Contact at or call 985-373-3202

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