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Download the Freducator App and get the skills you need to Master the ACT. Based on a proven methodology, used by one of the most sought after ACT testing coaches, the Freducator App contains all of the skills you need to Outsmart the ACT test. Using an IFTTT approach (If This Than That), Freducator Flashcards prepare you for the ACT, in a way that “cramming” won’t do. With the Freducator app, PH-Fred has condensed five of his best gems into a set of easy to understand flash-cards: question on the front, solution on the back. Freducator cuts out the “fat” in test preparation and focuses on what is really important, and whether you use Freducator as a standalone prep method or in conjunction with other prep courses, Freducator will be the most important element in your ACT Prep.




Contact at or call 985-373-3202

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